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The Next Chapter

Holy cannoli it has been a while since I wrote. I could go into great detail about the past two months – so much has happened – but I’ll just try for a semi-modest recap.

1. I moved to Nashville. Leaving Los Angeles was so bittersweet, I would never be able to find the words to adequately describe it. I drove the Penske truck to Bloomington, with my stepmom following behind in the Subaru, and we made a few fun stops along the way. After a few days in my hometown, my mom and I trekked the rest of the way to Nashville to unpack.


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Music, My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 152 – Old Dominion Day

Old Dominion

Looking forward to another Old Dominion concert was the perfect way to get through a midweek slump. I think this was the band’s first sold out show in LA, and it’s about time. Heading to The Roxy was a infinitely better than the claustrophobic Hornblower cruise we saw them on at the end of last year (even though that was fun too). Hooray for not being able to touch the ceiling! Continue reading…

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Days 106 – 109 – Oh What Fun!


Every now and then, a girl’s gotta let her hair down. For the first time in a while, I had something I was excited about doing. Something I was actually looking forward to. That something was traveling to Vegas this past weekend to see Sam Hunt in concert for the 6th and final time of 2015. Gail and I have made some pretty incredible memories at his shows this year, starting in Chattanooga, then continuing in Nashville, Irvine, Chula Vista, and Phoenix. We’ve met some cool people and sang and danced until our hearts’ content. Music…it really is my soulmate.

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Music, My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 71 – NPR Streaming Old Dominion’s New Album


It was has (so far) been the most exciting part of my day, NPR added a full album preview of Meat and Candy to stream this morning. Current and future fans of Old Dominion are able to hear the new album in its entirety or listen track by track. If you thought I was excited about “Snapback” being added to Spotify, this just took it to another level. Continue reading…