Inspiration, My Jesus Year Challenge

Days 214-251: A Little Bit of Awesome


I guess I never really stopped to think about how blogging would not make my list of priorities as I count down to my final days in Los Angeles. I won’t say I “should” make time for it; therapists are always telling you not to “should all over yourself.” But I MIGHT want to consider making more time for it so I can look back on this time and transition for posterity’s sake. I mean, why not? Future Erin thinks that’d be pretty awesome. Continue reading…

My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 67 – QOTD

Change is inevitable. Most of the time, we can’t control it and have to learn to roll with the punches. However, we can, and should, continuously strive for change when it comes to being the best version of ourselves possible. We are all flawed, but we can choose over and over again, every day, to improve our habits and our mindset about the change that life spits our way. Continue reading…