Music, My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 8 – Mood Lifting Music

After a really crappy start to my day, I was so thankful to have a night of great music with close friends to look forward to. I was upset that I carried my less than stellar morning with me all day, but glad that I could finally shake it off, literally, with some white girl dance moves.

When I allow the actions of others to negatively influence my mood, I give them power they don’t deserve. Do any of you find yourselves doing that more often than you’d like? How do you let it go? For me, music is the ultimate mood lifter. So thank you Frankie Ballard and Thomas Rhett (and my concert buddies Mere and Gail) for pulling me out of a funk today. Some California country was just what the doctor ordered.

I’ll post a larger photo set after I edit those pics y’all.