My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 22 – Just Keep Running

Into day three (wimpy, I know) of the 8 week run challenge, and I’m still standing. Randomly posting about it throughout the process will help keep me accountable, and I’m happy to say, although my muscles are yelling at me a little bit, it’s the best kind of hurt.

Also, I’m obsessed with the Running feature on Spotify Premium. Tonight I chose the “The Chase” option and the soundtrack felt like it was straight of a movie. It really is the coolest thing. If you haven’t used it, you start running so the app can measure your stride and time the tempo of the music to your pace. As far as the type of music to choose from, my favorites so far have been the aforementioned “The Chase” and “Blissed Out” soundtracks for my runs. I definitely give this feature of the app two thumbs way up.

Also, it seemed fitting that I had chase scene theme music pumping into my ears while I watched Forensic Files, one of my go-to shows while at the gym. #limitedchannelproblems