Good people of the Interwebs…

My young friend Dylan, (8yrs) at CHLA, is in desperate need of O Negative blood donors. Anyone in the Los Angeles area who has not donated blood in the past 2 months and can go to CHLA twice (once for screening and once within the following 2 days to donate) please contact the CHLA blood bank at 877-543-9522. It’s important to tell them the donation is for Dylan Prunty. Because he is allergic to the storage solution the blood is kept in, Dylan can only receive fresh donations. 

I met Dylan last year and have been in awe of him ever since. Both his passion for life and resilience in the face of his illness are inspiring. Despite the many months he has spent in the hospital, he fights on…building Legos, getting visits from pals like Pau Gasol, and organizing drives and events to help lift the spirits of other CHLA patients. He is truly a remarkable human being. 

Let’s harness the power of social media to create magic and find some blood donors for Dylan! Please take a moment and share this info with any connections you may have in the Los Angeles area!