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Let’s Get Reacquainted

Nashville, it’s not you, it’s me. Really. I see myself slipping into a quiet, homebody comfort with you after seven short months, and it is completely unacceptable. You have so much to offer, and I need to be taking full advantage of everything.

Yes, I’m taking new classes, trying new restaurants, hiking new trails. It has been wonderful, but sometimes doesn’t feel like enough. I’ve got free time to fill and have started a springtime bucket list of adventures for us. (Some of them have already been checked off, but need to be revisited.) Continue reading…


Bye Bye Bambi – The Dangerous Deer of Middle Tennessee

deer in field

What are you afraid of?

Do you think you can guess my biggest Tennessee fear? I’d be willing to bet it’s not what you might think, but the title of this post definitely gives part of it away.

No, it’s not being kidnapped by hill people and forced to live in a bunker surviving on Mountain Dew and Slim Jims. (My friend Justin predicted that would happen after I made the trek from Los Angeles to Nashville. Seriously, do people not have a clue what Nashville is actually like?)

My biggest Tennessee fear is…

dun dun dun…

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The Next Chapter

Holy cannoli it has been a while since I wrote. I could go into great detail about the past two months – so much has happened – but I’ll just try for a semi-modest recap.

1. I moved to Nashville. Leaving Los Angeles was so bittersweet, I would never be able to find the words to adequately describe it. I drove the Penske truck to Bloomington, with my stepmom following behind in the Subaru, and we made a few fun stops along the way. After a few days in my hometown, my mom and I trekked the rest of the way to Nashville to unpack.


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