Inspiration, My Jesus Year Challenge

Days 148-151: A Vision For The Future

Vision Board

Last week ended with me testing my bravery and having a very difficult conversation at work. In fact, I had two very difficult conversations in the past week. Both turned out to be very cathartic and ended well. I felt like a weight was lifted, issues were confronted, and I feel all the better for it. I hate conflict. I’m afraid of disappointing people, saying the wrong thing, getting myself into trouble, all sorts of things… By having these conversations, I chipped away at my fear. I opened myself up to being able to speak up more in the future and trust that it will be okay. I was proud of myself for the first time in a really long time.

Coming out of that week and into the weekend, I was definitely looking forward to Ree’s annual vision board party. It may sound super “LA” to you, but it’s always so nice to get together with some awesome ladies in a supportive environment to talk about what the past year held for us and what we’re hoping to work on in the year to come. There’s a lot of laughter and love. Continue reading…


New Year, New Beginning

Happy New Year

I’m not even going to bother doing the math to figure out what “day” this would/should be in my Jesus Year Challenge. 1. I don’t enjoy math that much and 2. I would’ve written this post independent of that challenge anyway. I’ll get back to my challenge with a draft that’s sitting on my dashboard from my holiday visit to Bloomington. Continue reading…

Inspiration, My Jesus Year Challenge

Day 29 – TED Talk: Creative Confidence

Saw this TED Talk (which I hadn’t watched before) posted on LinkedIn tonight and gave it a whirl. I loved the message that we are all creative, but some of us just lose sight of our abilities along the way. In large part, I think this notion is a big chunk of what my Jesus year challenge is for me. Baby steps to get back some of the creativity that feels like it is trying to claw its way out.